EVEMon 3.0

Monitor the progression of your EVE Online character

EVEMon is a utility that helps you monitor the progress of your EVE character. The application comes with an intuitive interface, offers you various types of details about your character, and allows you to compare the characteristics of multiple profiles.

This program provides you with detailed information about your character, such as balance, alliance, known skills, and so much more. There's an option available for exporting the gathered details to your local directory, a feature that might prove to be of good use if you want to share your profile specifications with other people.

Furthermore, you can use this app to compare the details of multiple characters, monitor current training events, and get access to graphs based on your character development.

Unfortunately, if you add tasks to your schedule it doesn't mean that the program will actually trigger those events. So, in-game interaction is still a requirement for completing the scheduled tasks. The app will only notify you when it's time to finish a certain assignment.

However, EVEMon provides you many useful details about your character and brings you various built-in tools which might come in handy. I'd say you should give it a try, especially since you have nothing to lose by installing it on your Windows PC.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Offers you detailed info about your EVE character
  • Lets you export the offered info
  • You can compare the specifications of various profiles


  • In-game interaction is still a requirement for completing the scheduled tasks
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